Slow Juicers make tastefully simple recipes

Are you new to juicing ? Have you seen a slow masticating juicer working? Get ready for some tastefully simple recipes, you will be amazed at how this simple machine can change the way you juice. As you will see the bellow, all you have to do is wash the vegetables and fruits, depending on their size cut them in half or quarter, most of them you won’t even have to cut the peel. Add them to the juicer and let it do their magic, you ready to try some tastefully simple recipes.
These type of juicers can take the most out of the fruits/veggies keeping what really matters, all those nutrients and minerals stay intact for your to drink them on those vitamin-packed juices. 

The video shows some really simple recipes for those starting to juice, but the main purpose of this video is to show how a masticating juicer works. You can really get all the benefits on juicing with this type of machinery. You can get some healthy recipes for your juices and check out our alkaline ingredient list and all benefits of each for your home made juices. Remember that these slow masticating juicers are important for a good juice but ingredients are equally important. Try and get them locally, a product shipped from the other side of the world won’t have as many nutrients as those harvested by your “doorstep”. Try and find a good organic supplier or a local farmer market.

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