Start juicing Weight Loss will Follow

Hey folks, summer is almost here so its time for us to some pounds, once you start juicing weight loss will follow! Good news is that we can do it in a healthy & tasty way!

The way to “craft” some awesome juices that will burn your fat is very simple, here a list of what you will need:

Slow juicer

This piece of machinery (check some cool juicers) will extract all the juice and respective nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from your ingredients and remove the pulp and fibers. Do not get me wrong, fiber is beneficial, and it helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, it also slows the absorption of sugar.

Thing is, it also slows down how your body will absorb the nutrients, and some nutrients remain in the fiber after you ingest them.

Start juicing Weight Loss pulp and juice

When you juice, you are extracting up to 75% of the ingredient nutrition directly into your glass. Without the insoluble fiber, your body absorbs 100% of those nutrients almost instantly! Aint this awesome? Let’s get some juices ready to drink, once you start juicing weight loss will follow.

Fruits & Vegetables

Try to buy from a local and if possible BIO fruits and vegetable supplier. The importance of having biological ingredients is that they are chemical free, this way you won’t have to remove the peel and can juice it as well. This turns out to be very beneficial because plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals reside in the peel.

Once you start juicing weight loss will follow, but you must try to stay alkaline, fruits and vegetables can be acid or alkaline, stay on the alkaline side, if you want, you can check this alkaline diet food list where you can see the benefits of each ingredient and choose your ingredients accordingly.

Once you Start juicing Weight Loss will be natural

Is time to start juicing so I will throw you three awesome recipes for you to start with!

Green Juice Carrot and Spinach
Carrot is a diuretic vegetable that helps people with liquids retention, it also boosts the disintegration of kidney stones. Spinach is a vegetable that contains very few calories, it aids in digestion, and helps you maintaining low blood sugar levels. Mixing these two ingredients maximize their benefits. 

Just put the carrots and the spinach on the slow juicer, at the end squeeze couple of lemon drops to prevent oxidating. 

Cabbage Juice with Orange
This drink is able to accelerate your metabolism consequently you will burn more fat naturally. The vegetable has very low caloric content, and it promotes satiety and helps the intestine to function properly. Among other benefits, this also prevents body fat accumulation.

Cabbage with Pineapple Juice
The ingredients present in this juice have very few calories, in fact, this is a diuretic juice and it stops swelling. The antioxidants present in this great but simple juice, promote cell cleansing and prevents accumulation of fat, the cabbage gives a sensation of satiety.  This awesome mix will make your body work well.


Start juicing Weight Loss begins today

Remember that the juice alone won’t do miracles, not if you eat a full pan of fried chips and hamburgers every day. Juicing is very effective when accompanied by a balanced diet and if possible physical exercises, then the results will be noticeable in no time. These recipes are super simple, cheap and healthy. You have no reason not to try them, right? So, start juicing weight loss will be a problem of the past!

 Start juicing Weight Loss


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