Juicing Weight Loss – The Secret

Secret behind Weight Loss Juicing

The key is, get to know your metabolism and how clean your internal body is.

We use energy and burn fat when we are doing physical activity and digesting food, but we also burn fat even while we are at rest.

If our metabolism is to slow them our body will store excess fat without even realizing it. 

Things that slow your metabolism down are:

Eating Poorly – Quit the sodas and snack cakes! Treats are fine; just make them organic, healthy, natural foods. Avoid high processed fat foods.

Not Enough Sleep – If your body is exhausted then the efficiency with which it burns calories goes down the toilet. A well rested body is more efficient.

Being Stressed Out – Stress causes high levels of a hormone called cortisol in your body, which leads to belly fat . Relax and let go…of the extra pounds!

Dieting – Believe it or not, strict dieting can lead to lower metabolism. Avoid fad diets and super low calorie diets. Low calorie diets cause your body to switch to starvation mode, your metabolism slows down to keep you from burning too many calories, then when you eat again your body stores the calories as fat. Fad diets may work in the short term, but the true path to a healthier you is to improve your overall eating habits over the long term.

A Toxic Body – The accumulation of toxins in the body slows down the metabolism because the body has to work extra hard to eliminate these toxins on a daily basis. I suggest performing a colon cleanse, liver gallbladder cleanse or harmful organism cleanse to rev up your metabolism in a natural way. green juice recipes for weight loss

Metabolism naturally slows down as you age

That’s when Juicing comes in

There are no miracle recipes for weight loss, however some ingredients are well known for boosting up metabolism. There are also some good detox juices, so why not put all those together and get a juice plan to increase our metabolism and satiate our hunger?

If we put together a healthy lifestyle with enough repairing sleep and save a small part of the day for ourselves we get the secret ingredient to loose weight in a natural and healthy way.

The recipes for metabolism boost:


1 pink grapefruit, peeled
2 oranges, peeled
1 bunch mint
1 head romaine lettuce


1 Pink Grapefruit
4 Carrots
2 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

2 Kiwi
1 Cucumber
1/2 Lime
4 Mint Leaves



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