Juicing recipes weight loss energy

Juicing good you do it every day

Wondering what juicing recipes weight loss energy is? I will tell you all about it. With the summer on its peak,  we need to ingest an extra amount of liquids, a perfect time to get all the benefits on juicing and some extra pounds off your body.
Good morning habit, right as you wake up, get those vegetables and fruits out of your fridge, turn on your juicer and get ready to get those juicing recipes weight loss energy running. Your daily natural vitamin and minerals shot.

Take full advantage of the high summer temperatures that naturally lower your hunger, on top of this, drink juices with low sugar fruits like avocado, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry or raspberry  and add some metabolism boost vegetables like celery or spinach. Adding few drops of apple cider vinegar will also boost your weight loss energy as known as metabolism.

It’s essential that you try and juice from local / fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably organic (so you don’t need to take off the peel as you juice). Being able to juice from unpeeled raw fruits or vegetables will give you all the benefits on juicing.

Seach for your favorite ingredients on this alkaline diet food list and check each one of them for your own taste/benefit.

If you new to juicing you might want to keep your juices simple, I try to put one or two fruits with a couple of vegetables. Remember to put some lemon at the end, it will prevent your juice to oxidate.

I like to prepare all the ingredients at first and start to juice them in a row, i washed some blueberry, a peach,  and some broccoli as you can see below !

It’s gorgeous just to look at all those colors blending in as we juice.


Now for a little bit of magic! Check out the colors on this next photo, almost look’s like we brewing a magic potion ! I couldn’t wait to get to drink this one. You can also see below how the juicer separates the juice from the fibers on the different recipients, that’s the main difference between a masticating juicer and a blender. With this piece of equipment, you will  only be drinking what really matters.

I know I’m repeating myself, but don’t forget to drink this as you wake up, 15 minutes before eating anything. By doing this you allowing your body to take the most advantage and benefits on juicing, giving it time to absorb all the vitamins and minerals concentrated on this raw ingredients.

You will really get used to this healthy routine, after a couple of weeks drinking juices while in fasting, you’ll start noticing differences in your body, make sure you read the benefits of each ingredient and make your own juice recipes.

This one only has orange, carrot, strawberry and broccoli check out the result…


Juicing is no science, we can make our own tasteful recipes especially because no one knows our flavor tastes better than us… important thing is to keep in mind that you should focus on alkaline ingredients and low sugar fruits and slowly introduce vegetables and herbs into your juices to get the most benefits on juicing as possible, your body will be thankful.

After all, juicing recipes weight loss energy is about boosting our metabolism and get as healthy as possible only by drinking juices in their most natural way.

This is the outcome, just not look great, it tastes great and best of all it will make you feel great!

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