Alkaline diet food list

Alkaline diet food list

Consuming alkaline food has become crucial our days, having an alkaline diet food list will make it easier for you to use these ingredients on a daily basis. Alkaline foods not only lowers the blood acidity, as they are an important factor for our body balance and important aid in healing and disease prevention. Grab your pen and paper and make your own alkaline diet food list with your favorite ingredients.

Alkaline food also helps remove toxins, especially those with diuretic properties such as cucumber, celery or lime. In addition, alkaline foods that are also thermogenic as cayenne, pepper, ginger or ginseng facilitate “fast weight loss”, being an excellent option for people on a diet.

Below, I list alkaline foods that in my opinion are important for maintaining a healthy organism, preventing and combating diseases. You can make your own juices combining the ingredients listed below, or just look for healthy recipes that contain these same ingredients.

Vegetables & Plants – Alkaline diet food list

By itself, broccoli is already a super healthy and easy food to be recognized as an alkaline food. It is a vegetable so complete and so full of benefits that if you don’t like the flavor or texture, you simply need to make an effort and include it on your menu. Some people eat broccoli every day, as a way to maintain good health and make sure that you keep an alkaline body. For those who are not big fans of the plant, try and juice it out in the morning. There are several healthy recipes with broccoli, you won’t feel the flavor and you will keep all you need to keep your alkalinity high. This one is a must have on your alkaline diet food list.

If you want to have a nutrition with all the benefits, then surely you have to add cabbage on the top of your shopping list. Often replaced by spinach or other leafy greens, cabbage comes to take them all the field when it comes to a variety of vitamins and minerals. Among them, you find a lot of vitamin A, C, and calcium and fiber. Consider the cabbage in your next dish or juice.

Spinach is probably the most famous leaf for its health and juicing benefits and does not really matter how you will eat it or drink it, what really matters is that he will be helping your body stay alkaline. One of the best ways to include spinach in food is sautéing and mixing with the salad. Once you do this, you’ll never want to be without this powerful alkaline ingredient in your meals. Make sure you have this one on your alkaline diet food list.


This one is worth knowing because this alkaline plant is always present in regular diet plans for detoxification. When we think of calcium, the first thing that crosses our mind are laticíneos products, however, Arugula has a lot of calcium plus vitamin A, wich is excellent for the body. By eating Arugula in daily basis you ensure ingestion of all the nutrients that your body needs.

Artichokes are often seen only as a complement to a dish, but there are a number of reasons why you can make them more present in your diet. One of those reasons is its alkalinity, helping to raise the pH levels of your body. They are also full of antioxidants, helping to cleanse the liver and aiding in digestion. So next time you’re wondering what to mix with your salad leaves, the artichoke is a great idea.

The asparagus is one of the strongest food you can eat in terms of alkalinity. If we consider that each food is classified according to how alkaline it is, then asparagus is on the top of the list. But he brings much more than that to the table, including antioxidants, nutrients, and many detoxifying qualities. Moreover, it was also observed that the asparagus has anti-aging benefits, which is reason enough for most people begin to add this plant to the menu. Keep this one on the top of your alkaline diet food list.

Some people think that seasonings and spices that we put on our food have no direct influence in our body becoming acidic or alkaline. It is good to know that there are also good and bad seasoning to your pH levels. Basil is one that helps maintain an alkaline body and has many other benefits. Basil contains flavonoids, they help our body heal. You won’t regret having this one on your alkaline diet food list.

Beets are another food that deserves close attention and will help raise your pH levels. A good reason to include this vegetable in the daily menu is that it is one of the few sources of phytonutrients – that may have anti-cancer properties. Place the grated beets as an aggregate of raw or cooked form salad or juices. Be sure to buy good old natural beet instead of the canned varieties, because they have a low nutritional value.

Everyone knows carrots are good for the eyes but did you know they are also a great alkaline food? Carrots can be used in a variety of plates, salads, soups, juices, they are tasty pure raw and very easy to chew steamed. Carrots also have a lot of vitamins, fibers, and potassium, making it a complete vegetable. Be sure to add a carrot occasionally on your morning juice.

Cauliflower is the same vegetable family as Broccoli and Brussels sprouts and shares many of the same health characteristics, including being an alkaline food. It has a good amount of fiber and is a great source of vitamin C. It is also very easy to prepare, but to keep as much as possible of its alkaline nature, the ideal is to eat it raw in salads or cook it until it is soft and easy to chew. Great ingredient for a morning juice you can find tasty healthy recipes and benefit from this alkaline vegetable.

Here’s a fantastic way to add lots of flavor to your dish our juice and, at the same time, help your body to become or continue alkaline. It is hard to imagine that this herb here can make any difference on your diet, but in addition to the flavor, coriander can help with cholesterol, anemia, and digestion. It is very easy to use coriander in the kitchen and you can even cultivate it in a small garden at home, crop organically. No need to eat large quantities, as it combines well with other foods found in this post.

Here’s a food you will want to have a stock in your refrigerator. It is alkaline and contains much water which is an extremely hydrating vegetable. Do not cut all the peel, better to leave some peel stripes along the cucumber to better absorb its benefits. This is also a very good ingredient for juicing, you won’t believe how tasty this can be.

Alkaline diet food list

Garlic has been known to be a cleansing of food, which can add flavor to a meal, but it also helps if you’re trying to follow an alkaline diet. It is a great help in fighting cancer and also helps to reduce blood pressure. It helps detoxify the body, so you’ll benefit a lot just by adding more garlic to your diet. Try grilling some ingredients of this alkaline diet food list with a couple of garlic cloves and you will create some tasty healthy recipes. Essential to have this one on your alkaline diet food list.

Here’s another way to add color and presentation to your plate but also help your body stay alkaline. This little green herb is usually used in meat plates, but you will want to start using it to adorn your salads as well, so you can start ripping parsley benefits as soon as possible. A tip: put some parsley on your green juice and you’ll end up with a fresher taste and with more vitamins and minerals than before. The best thing is that you can grow your own parsley very easily and always have some of this fresh and organic plant at your fingertips. Disregarded by some this is ingredient is essential to any good alkaline diet food list

Ginger is a root that is becoming more popular as people started to realize all its health benefits. Ginger is a superfood and has many detoxifying properties. It is also an alkaline food, so it’s something you can add to a meal. On the internet, you can find many delicious healthy recipes that have ginger as an ingredient. Also, a great ingredient to spice up your morning juice. This one is a must have on your alkaline diet food list.

Many say that lettuce is devoid of any nutritional value but still is able to produce an alkaline effect on the body, so it is far from being useless. The basic idea here is that if you are eating a lettuce of any kind, you are getting phytonutrients that help your body get or stay alkaline on the pH scale. This is a must on any alkaline diet food list, especially in the summer.

Here’s another green leaf that can help you keep your body alkaline. As a bonus, the watercress is full of many other vitamins ensuring a wide coverage of your nutritional needs. It has its own distinct flavor and is ranked very highly on this alkaline diet food list. Watercress has also been proven to repair DNA damage, which can be of great help in the prevention and reversal of cancer.

Fruits – Alkaline diet food list

This is an amazing ingredient on our alkaline diet food list. Actually, your mouth should be wrinkling only by reading the word lemon. It has such a sour taste that many believe it to be an acid ingredient. On the contrary, it provides a high alkaline condition and since it as such low sugar level will discourage your temptation to eat candies. It also has a cleansing effect on the digestive system, as well as a good dose of vitamin C, which makes it good to use more each day.

As your colleague lemon, lime is often also considered to be acid forming, because of its strong flavor and juice citric acid. But they raise the pH level when consumed, so it’s a good idea to start squeezing it over your food or adding a few slices in a glass of water. It can be difficult to eat lime in the same way you eat an orange, so it is best to use it as an ingredient in other dishes or juices. It’s a great addition to your alkaline diet food list.

What can not tomatoes do? They have plenty of lycopene itself, as well as antioxidants, and they have been shown to help the heart and help us to live long and happy lives. Even if you can think of a tomato as being acidic, they may trigger the same sour taste like a lemon, it is not forming acid, and instead, actually helps to raise the overall pH of the body. Very good juice ingredient as well, keep it on your alkaline diet food list.

This one is a star food that has been appearing everywhere. How to lose weight fast and naturally with this superfood? Grapefruit helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism, and it was even quoted as one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Don’t forget to add this almost miraculous fruit to your alkaline diet food list. Since it’s so low on sugar you can eat it anytime.  This nature wonder has an alkalizing effect on the body once it’s consumed.

You may have heard about the latest trends in drinking pomegranate juice and, as you see, this is a fruit that you can enjoy without worrying. It contains a very large amount of potassium and is also a good source of vitamin C. So this fruit is perfect to make tasty and natural juices or eat it as an afternoon snack. TIP: If you drink a pomegranate only juice, be sure to not to add sugar, since you might loose its alkalinity.

It’s no surprise that avocado is on our list of alkaline foods. He is regarded as a super food, then you can also assume that it is a real nutritional bomb. Avocados are rich in potassium and are a healthy source of fat, so in addition to helping you become more alkaline, you are taking your body other advantages in luggage. Is a wonderful ingredient for a morning juice. Don’t forget to add this one your alkaline diet food list.


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