About Us

about us

Benefits on Juicing team consists of a couple of persons that been together for 20 years so far.

I’ll speak in 3rd person just to add some emphasis

She, a distinguished Athlete all her life dedicated to sports, former Portuguese National swimming champion in butterfly swimming category. Graduated  in physical education and Master’s degree in body image , teaching for more than a decade in national schools and more than 15 years in private gyms aerobics, step, swimming for babies among other things.

She is the mastermind of juicing, and all it’s benefits as well as constant researcher for the best recipes to keep our health, body and mind tuned.

Me, i’m the internet guy, the one that puts the knowledge into paper, well in this case into the www.

My first contact with internet was in 1994 at first for gaming were i established a strong connection with the US, met a lot of great people which some are still friends after all these years.

In 1997 me and a friend went to a franchise hall and met Worldsites, a Canadian internet company that used to create websites and sell them over a platform across the world. We been internet consultant for Worldsites for some time, but expenses were high since we had to keep up with the franchise contract and not many people wanted a website back then. After couple of years we went solo.

I’ve been working with internet, since then, creating websites,  teaching in private schools from TIC to Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Office … etc

Juicing is part of our daily diet for some years now, we truly believe that it benefits our health. Having that raw fruit or veggie juices early in the morning give us a boost to our imune system and the extra fuel to go out and face the long day ahead.

Juicing wont do a miracle but can be the start of a healthy and tasty journey.

Pedro and Gisela